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Lock OS version

With v4 or newer, you can use a system setting to lock the device at a specific OS version. The system will never show a update to a later OS!

The setting group is “global” and the value should be the latest OS that should be installed on the unit. For the key, see the table below.
This setting needs to be applied from a EEM system or using the MaxGo Manager or Staging apps. There is not setting in the System Update itself.

Device Key
Nautiz X2 (Android 6) handheld.ota.os_lock_nautiz_x2_a6
Nautiz X2 (Android 7) handheld.ota.os_lock_nautiz_x2_a7
New Nautiz X2 (Android 9) Global variant handheld.ota.os_lock_alta_GL
New Nautiz X2 (Android 9) EU variant handheld.ota.os_lock_alta_EEA
Nautiz X41 Global variant handheld.ota.os_lock_albatross_GL
Nautiz X41 EU variant handheld.ota.os_lock_albatross_EEA
Nautiz X6 Global variant handheld.ota.os_lock_nautiz_x6
Nautiz X6 EU variant handheld.ota.os_lock_nautiz_x6_eu
Nautiz X9 Global variant handheld.ota.os_lock_nautiz_x9
Nautiz X9 NA variant handheld.ota.os_lock_nautiz_x9_na
Algiz RT7 handheld.ota.os_lock_algiz_rt7
Algiz RT8 Global variant handheld.ota.os_lock_algiz_rt8
Algiz RT8 EU variant handheld.ota.os_lock_algiz_rt8_eu