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Install from intent

Since version 3.6.0 it is possible to trigger the installation of a local update from an intent.

To do this the action “com.handheld.updater.action.INSTALL_LOCAL_UPDATE” has to be called with a string extra called “file”.
This needs to point to the ZIP file within the Android OS file system.

See the command below for a full example

Depending on the device and Android version, you might also have the provide the package name of the OTA app for the system to accept the intent (with -p). See the list below for the package name of each device.

Starting with version 4.0 there is also a broadcast to trigger an update check with the action “com.handheldgroup.systemupdate.CHECK_FOR_UPDATE”:

The install command also has a new action “com.handheldgroup.systemupdate.INSTALL_LOCAL_UPDATE” but the previous one will also still work.


Package name of the OTA app on each device:

  • Algiz RT7: com.handheld.algiz.rt7
  • Algiz RT8: com.handheldgroup.ota.falcon
  • Nautiz X2 (Android 6 or 7): com.handheld.nautiz.nx2
  • Nautiz X2 (Android 9): com.handheldgroup.ota.alta
  • Nautiz X41: com.handheldgroup.ota.albatross
  • Nautiz X6: com.handheldgroup.ota.eagle
  • Nautiz X9: com.handheld.nautiz.nx9