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Adding the SDK to you project

To use the SDK you need to add our repository to your project. Add the following line to the existing repositories entry in your project build.gradle or settings.gradle file

Add the following line to the dependencies block in you build.gradle file.

The latest version of the library is shown below Sidekey SDK version shield

Using the SDK

The primary class for the SDK is SidekeyManager

Before using the SDK, you should check if the SDK is supported on the current device and OS version

To read and modify a key, you first read it by using its id

To modify the value of a key, use one of the methods on the SideKeyConfig object.

After changing a SideKeyConfig you need to save it by calling


When you use the broadcast, register a broadcast receiver to your custom action or the default android.intent.action.KEY_EVENT action.
In the receiver, you can get the actual KeyEvent