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This API provides methods to interact with the app itself

Barcode Scanner API

Since version 1.5.0, the app provides a JS interface to interact with the scanner. The interface exposes the follow methods.


Bluetooth API

Since version 1.8.0, the app provides a JS interface to interact with the Bluetooth module. Since almost all the calls are asynchronous, a callback function is needed to receive the results.

This callback function needs to be provided as a string of the function name. This function will be called with 2 parameters in both a successful and error case. The first parameter is the error. This is set to false if the operation was successful or will contain the error message if an error occurred. The 2nd parameter is a message which is always and can be used to provide feedback on the operation.

Intent API

Since version 1.8.0, you can trigger any intent from an action and receive the returned data in a callback.
The example below shows how to use a camera-based Barcode Scanner using this API.