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Release Notes


  • Added support for Nautiz X9
  • Added function to import/export settings from/to a file
  • Added improved crash reporting
  • Added new icon for main app and settings
  • Fixed crash on Nautiz X4 if nothing was scanned
  • Fixed crash on Nautiz X4 with T9 input
  • Disable form data saving if cache is turned off


  • Added JavaScript interface for Bluetooth (see┬áhere┬áfor details)
  • Added JavaScript interface for Intents (see┬áhere┬áfor details)
  • Fixed T9 issue on Nautiz X4


  • Fixed crash on Algiz RT7 units with no scanner


  • Increased timeout for Fn key pattern to 3 secounds


  • Timeout for Fn key pattern
  • Added support for Nautiz X2 Headset Trigger


  • Fixed terminator (Enter) missing on Nautiz X2
  • Added option to disable chaching


  • Added support for NFC (read TAG ID) and Mifare classic blocks
  • Added setting to force speaker sound output
  • Added Javascript function to disable/enable NFC reader
  • Added Kiosk Service for full lockdown on Android 5+ devices (see┬áhere┬áfor details)


  • Added support for Nautiz X2
  • Added setting to block touch input
  • Added support for T9 input on Nautiz X4
  • Added JavaScript interface for Scanner (see┬áhere┬áfor details)
  • Added option to set scanner callback from a meta tag (see┬áhere┬áfor details)
  • Added action to prompt for PIN before exit
  • Updated to xWalk 20.50.533.12 (Chrome v50)


  • Updated to xWalk 17.46.448.10 (Chrome v46)


  • Updated to xWalk (Chrome v41)
  • Added setting to change the User-Agent
  • Added setting to change the loading bar color


  • Initial public release based on xWalk (Chrome v40)