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RFID V2 (formerly Anysend)

The RFID V2 app replaces the existing Anysend app to handle integration with all our RFID accessories.

You can download the new app from https://apps.maxgo.io/rfid.

Change #1 – Single app for all devices

Instead of different apps and versions for each device/accessory combination we now offer one app that lets you select the module you want to use.

Change #2 – New app ID / package name

The RFID V2 app is a completely new app and because of this you will need to uninstall Anysend before using it. This also means that any settings you had in Anysend will be lost and need to be set again in the RFID V2 app.

Depending on your current integration with Anysend, this will also require some changes to your app:

Option A – No direct integration / keyboard wedge output

If you had no direct integration with Anysend at all and only used the “Paste”, “Keyevent”, or “Clipboard” output mode, you do not have to make any changes to the apps you are using.

RFID V2 will work as a drop-in replacement for your use case.

Option B – Broadcast receiver

If you have a broadcast receiver for Anysend in your app and the output mode set to “broadcast” you will not need to make any changes. Both the broadcast action and extra values will remain the same.

Option C – Controlling state or service

If your app controlled the scan state or service in Anysend, it is likely that you have the “com.handheldgroup.anysend” package name set up on your broadcast or service intents.

This package name must be changed to “com.handheldgroup.rfid” to work with the new RFID V2 app. The rest of the intent continues to be the same.

Change #3 – “module” extra when starting service

Since the new app doesn’t explicitly know which accessory is connected, it needs to be told which module it will connect to. The user can do this by opening the settings and selecting the module from a list.

However, if you start the service from your own app, you can also provide the module as a string extra with the key “module”. The value follows the part-number of the accessory, so current possible values are “NX2-1030”, “NX6EXP-LF01”, “NX6EXP-LF02”, “NX6V2EXP-LF01”, “NX6V2EXP-LF02”, “NX2-EU-1043”, and “NX2-NA-1043”.

If no module value is provided, the app will use the last one it’s connected to.
If you call startService while the service is already running, this value will have no effect!

Change #4 – New Scan Activity

The RFID V2 app provides a new activity that you can call if you want to receive data in your code, but do not want to build your own user interface.

You can start the activity with startActivityForResult and data will be returned in onActivityResult.
This means that this feature is also compatible with the newer Activity Result APIs.

Please see here for a detailed documentation of this feature.