Switch from old to new serial-number in MaxGo Manager v1.2.0 update

With v1.2.0 of the MaxGo Manager app we are fixing an issue with the Algiz RT7 and Nautiz X6 serial number. On previous version, the Manager would use the chipset number and not the actual unit serial number you would find on the device label or box.

For the Manager to correctly swap the devices, the steps below must be completed BEFORE updating the app to v1.2.0!

Because the Manager identifies units with the serial number, installing the new app would duplicate all entries in your account.
This might be okay for smaller installations but if you have many devices or want to keep your group organisation, we do have a way to prevent this.

With update 1.1.0 of the Manager WebApp we have added a way to assign an alias to a device. If the server sees a device with a serial number that is defined as an alias it will swap those two values and will use the new serial number going forward. After that, you can also remove the old serial number from the alias if you don’t need that information anymore.

For a small number of devices, please manually go through each devices and set the alias using the pen icon next to the serial number.

For larger device lists we can import a list for you. For that, please send us your account ID (9 digit code) and an a list (CSV, Excel, Text) of the unit serial number and the one in the Manager for each device.
Send this information to support@handheldgroup.com and put “Manager device list [your account ID]” as the subject line. We’ll inform you as soon as we have imported the list.

You should update the Manager app to v1.2.0 only after setting the device alias values!